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Nordlandslaget was Founded in 1909 - Fifth Lag

We hold an annual convention (stevne) end of June (mid week)

Nord Norge is the official quarterly publication

We have Members in the United States, Canada and Norway

The counties of Norway (21) represented are Nordland, Troms and Finnmark

Membership to our Group is easy
You can join anytime (mail a check)
Join at the next June get together (Stevne)

$15 yearly donation
Financial Secretary: Barbara Moe
3901 Winnetka Avenue
New Hope, MN 55427, USA

Facebook and e-mail news are how we stay in touch between (Yearlly get togethers) Our Stevne


is an organization of the descendants of immigrants who came to North America from the northern counties of Norway, beginning around the middle of the 19th Century. The "Lag" formed as those immigrants developed a mutual support network for their kinfolk and for the Nordlendinger who would follow to the new world.

Today Nordlandslaget continues in that tradition -- networking to sustain the spirit, maintain ties to the homeland.

Genealogy is a major focus of many lags today. Perseving the culture of the regions thru annual get togethers (Stevnes) that bond the Lag members together now and into the future.

Purpose of Bygdelags: "To link the past with the present and future"
and to be "an educational / promotion site for Northern Norway"

The "Nord-lands-laget" Bygdelag is one of many Norwegian organizations (Lags) comprised of descendants of emigrants from Norway to North America.

Officers Since June 2014

President: Shirlely Samson From Hoffman, Mn
Great Grandparents from

Vice President:Linda Havir From Minneapolis, Mn
Great Grandparents from

Secretary: Laurel Dikken From Sacred Heart, Mn
Great Grandparents from

Treasurer: DeVon Jokstad From Fargo, Mn
Great Grandparents from

Financial Secretary: Barbara Moe From New Hope, Mn
Great Grandparents from

Web Volunteer Edward "Mike" Wick From Eagan, mwick4249@comcast.net
Great Grandparents from Hunstad Gard, Bodin (10 mile East Bodo) Nordland
Great Grandparents from Skjeltstad Gard near Skau, (20 mile north Bodo) Nordland

Geneologist: Jay Liedman From Paynesville, Mn
Great Grandparents from

Nord Norge Editor: Open

This website is created and mantained by unpaid volunteers (members of Nordlandslaget) with limited web design experience. Be considerate of the problems or corrections you spot. Send me corrections or suggestions and I will fix asap. Thanks. mwick4249@comcast.net