Sunnfjordlaget i Amerika
(Sunnfjordlag of America)


The Sunnfjordlag is a Norwegian-American "bygdelag", which is an organization of emigrant descendents who came to North America from the area of Sunnfjord, Norway. The Sunnfjord area is on the western coast of Norway located between Sognfjord and Nordfjord and includes the kommuner of Bremanger, Flora, Naustdal, Askvoll, Fjaler, Gaular, Forde and Jolster. (See map for detail.)

Our "lag" seeks to preserve the bonds and Norwegian heritage both culturally and historically created by the earlier generations. Sunnfjordlaget is intended to bring Norwegian-Americans from Sunnfjord in closer touch with their cultural roots: arts and crafts, music, language and genealogy. Our group gathers once a year in the Midwest. Our organization was established in 1912 and held its first stevne (convention) in Minneapolis, MN. (Click here for information on this year's stevne.)

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