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Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
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Founded Jan. 16, 1907 in Fargo, ND.

About Telelaget of America:

Telelaget of America is an association of people who have their roots in Telemark, Norway. Its mission is to enable members to learn about and gain an appreciation of the history, culture and customs of their ancestors from the Telemark region of Norway. Our lag formed in 1907 and we share a passion all things Norwegian, especially Telemark. We organize and conduct popular tours of Telemark and publish a semiannual volume Telesoga consisting of articles of fascinating historical, cultural and genealogical interest. Our annual Stevne meetings are usually held in mid-July and partnered with six other lag associated with the southern regions of Norway. Our website, www.telelaget.com/, is filled with information about us and what we do.

President/Contact Person:

Jim Oftelie
309 E. Garfield Street
Laurens, IA 50554
(515) 291-3658

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Lag Web Site:


facebook logo   https://www.facebook.com/groups/127628557252065/

Lag Genealogist:

Darrel E. Johnson
25216 N. Pine Drive
Sebeka, MN 56477
(218) 472-3264

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Lag Treasurer:

Deanna Zentgraf
47427 111th St.
Rosholt, SD 57260
(320) 249-7362

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Lag Newsletter:


Telesoga - (biannual publication)

Newsletter's Editor:

TeleNews and -
Telesoga - a biannual publication
Lila Burmeister
7410 159th St. NE
Atwater, MN 56209
(320) 974-3384

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Stevne Information:

With Seven Lag Stevne.

Online Info.


Sondre Norheim - the Skiing Pioneer of Telemark www.sondrenorheim.com