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Norwegian-American Bygdelagenes Fellesraad
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Founded Jan. 20, 1909 in Minneapolis, MN.

About Nordlandslag:

Our members have roots in the Northern areas of Norway. (See Finmark, Trom or Nordland on these maps.) If you think or know your Norwegian-American roots are from these "Nordland" areas you can contact any of the persons listed below for information on our yearly get-together (stevne), Genealogy help or group activities. E-mail your phone number to (or call) any member listed and we would love to tell you more about our group activities and yearly stevne. Our web and Facebook pages are also a good source for more information about us.

President/Contact Person:

Linda Mohn
514 3rd Ave. SW
Jamestown, ND 58410

Contact's Email:

Click Here

Lag Web Site:


Lag Genealogist:

Jay W. Liedman
18700 Tri-County Rd NE
Paynesville, MN 56362
(320) 235-2522

Genealogist's Email:

Jay W. Liedman Click Here

Lag Treasurer:

Judith O'Malley
1710 McKinney Ave, Apt #118
Benson, MN 56152

Treasurer's Email:

Judith O'Malley

Newsletter's Editor:

Shirley Sampson
P.O. box 206
Hoffman, MN 56339
(320) 986-2861


Jay W. Liedman
18700 Tri-County Rd NE
Paynesville, MN 56362
(320) 235-2522

Editor's Email:

Shirley Sampson booklady @ runestone . net

Jay W. Liedman genscan @ tds . net

Lag Newsletter:

Nord Norge

Quarterly - subscription:
United States - 1 year $15, 2 years $30, 3 years $40, 5 years $50
Canada - 1 year $17
Norway - 1 year $19

Stevne Information:

2020 Stevne:
Nordlandslaget will be June 9-11 at the Quality Inn & Suites at 615 Hwy 10 E, Detroit Lakes, MN

Stevne Host: Linda Mohn - Phone 701-659-0005
Contact: Linda Mohn

Nordlandslaget Facebook:

Norwegian American Nordlandslaget Facebook: (Northern Norway Lag) https://www.facebook.com/Norwegian-American-Nordlandslaget-914898851858597/?fref=ts